Innovative bio-solutions for soil treatment professionals

Yphen products are designed to solve the environmental problems associated with soils and substrates.
To achieve this, we draw our inspiration from the age-old processes that occur spontaneously in nature.

At our BIOCAP1 unit, we produce and package micro-organisms suitable for rebalancing polluted and degraded soils.
As experts in mycoremediation, we mainly mobilise the pollution-removing powers of certain fungal organisms.
To this we add a range of active ingredients, bacteria and minerals that form biological associations capable of decontaminating, healing and regenerating soil.

Our strains are of natural origin and undergo no processing whatsoever.
Economically and ecologically attractive, our patented technologies enable the soil ecosystem to be restored and preserved over the long term.

Encapsulation of soil-removing, soil-conditioning and soil-activating micro-organisms

In addition to selecting and producing the appropriate biological agents, we have developed a unique technology: microspheric encapsulation of living organisms.

This capsule packaging offers a number of advantages :

  • Preserving living natural active ingredients for functional application, even after prolonged storage
  • Combine micro-organisms and organo-mineral elements to form effective bio-augmented complexes.
  • Controlling the release of active ingredients for continuous treatment.
  • Facilitate storage and transport to our customers’ premises and to spreading areas.
  • Simple implementation, without the need for major resources or soil compaction.
  • Transforming nature into an efficient, economical product.

The formulations of our “microspheres” are targeted to meet the specific needs of each site.

Solutions designed for large-scale applications

Faced with a lack of appropriate solutions for treating soil, we have developed a technology tailored to professional realities.

Our products provide a technical and financial response to the problems encountered by manufacturers, construction and public works companies, farmers and public developers.

To enable our customers to process large volumes of soil, we manufacture microspheres in industrial quantities at our BIOCAP1 plant.

Packaging in microspheres is perfectly compatible with technical and logistical constraints: biological effectiveness, storage, transport and application.

Ecological solutions tailored to market realities

Clean technology

  • 100% natural strains
  • Biosourced materials
  • Low carbon impact
  • No environmental degradation

Economical method

  • Inexpensive production
  • Easy to transport, store and apply
  • In situ or platform processing
  • Rapid land reclamation
  • CO2 savings

Efficient process

  • Tailor-made cocktails of micro-organisms
  • Self-regenerating living solution
  • Initiation of functional biological chains

Rapid results

  • Immediate activation of biological dynamics
  • 50-70% reduction in pollutants in 3 months
  • Reconstruction of ecosystems in less than 6 months

Easy-to-use products

  • Transport and storage without constraints
  • Practical application
  • Limited resources
  • Products available in industrial quantities