Soil treatment for industrial and planning professionals

Industrial wasteland, quarries at the end of their useful life, construction sites, green spaces, compacted and excavated soil… Give soil a second life!

  • Remediation of industrial soils
  • Improvement of degraded soils
  • Regeneration of technosols
  • Recovering earthy and industrial waste
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Complement or substitute for “conventional” soil treatment methods
  • Increased sludge and effluent treatment performance

Improving the performance of natural inputs for tomorrow’s agriculture

Agricultural input manufacturers, support your farming customers in their ecological transition over the long term.
Boost the performance of your products with YpHen encapsulation technologies.
Submit your specifications to us, and we’ll manufacture the biological complexes you need.

  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Increasing crop yields
  • Mechanisation of soil applications
  • Increase in C02 storage capacity
  • High-performance hydro-retention
  • Controlled release of biological agents
  • Infinite combinations of active ingredients

CO2 sequestration in the soil: everyone’s business

Reducing CO2 emissions is the priority in the fight against global warming.
Having a living soil is the best way to sequester carbon sustainably.

  • Increased sequestration of CO2 in the soil
  • Accelerated mineralisation of organic matter
  • CO2 can be mobilised by living organisms
  • Improved plant cover
  • Balanced ecosystems

Technologies designed for professionals

Our processes and products are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals involved in soil treatment issues.

  • Effective solution
  • Rapid results
  • Economical process
  • Low carbon impact
  • High-performance hydro-retention
  • No environmental degradation
  • 100% natural strains
  • Storage possible
  • Transport without constraints
  • Easy application in the field
  • Products available in industrial quantities