Reconciling human activity and the balance of ecosystems

Our technologies, inspired by nature, are based on the powers of micro-organisms that have been present in the soil for millions of years.
Thanks to them and to biotechnologies, we are able to solve many soil-related problems: degraded soils, polluted soils, carbon deficiencies, etc.
Our solutions are compatible with today’s industrial, agricultural and environmental constraints.
With Yphen, become a player in the ecological transition:

  • Clean up contaminated soil
  • Improve soil quality
  • Create carbon sinks

Ready to work with Nature to meet the major environmental challenges of this century?

Decontaminate polluted soil

Soil polluted with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, pesticides or other harmful substances.
We’ve got a solution!

We formulate cocktails of encapsulated active ingredients, based on fungal or bacterial strains, tailored to each pollutant.

No more burying or incinerating soil.
Our products can be applied directly on site or on a platform.

Treat polluted sites and soils

Restoring degraded soils

Without exceeding pollution thresholds, your soil may be degraded and not very fertile: overexploited, excavated, excessively compacted soil, etc.

Thanks to cocktails of pre- and probiotics, our products speed up the conversion of your plots and the creation of technosols. Our formulas stimulate biological activity and bring inert materials back to life.

Dismantled industrial sites, quarries at the end of their useful life, construction sites…
Restore living, functional soil to future users.

Bring degraded soil back to life

Improve farmland yields

An ever-increasing population, shrinking farmland, recurring droughts that threaten food production…
One of the great challenges of this century is to feed humanity.

With our encapsulated solutions, you can naturally improve the agricultural qualities of your land and increase yields from every hectare cultivated.

Grow healthy soil

Sequester CO2 sustainably

Soil is the 2nd largest carbon sink in the Earth’s ecosystem and is fundamentally important in tackling climate change.

They sequester carbon over the long term, making it possible to combat global warming.

When soil is alive and healthy, it can fulfil all its functions to the full

Reduce the cost and impact of your operations